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Sea World.

I visited the Sea World in Prague last Tuesday for the first time ever. It was smaller than I expected it to be, it was colourful, interesting and fun… I definitely want to go back one day soon.

It’s hot, humid and dark inside.

I found Nemo!

I had a stare-down with this one.

This one threw a very judgemental look my way.

Creepy, monster-like creature. I had to think of The Mist all the time I watched it, especially when it started stomping on the other inhabitants who weren’t quick enough to get out of its way.

Possibly the funniest fish in there.

Polka dot fish! How fashionable!

And it posed for me.

A happy físh!

This one looks a little guilty.

The colours are positively amazing.

It’s a shark! At this point, I had the Jaws theme playing over and over in my head.

It was so hard to take a decent picture of the sharks, they were moving too quickly.

A serious, mind-your-own-business fish.

Another fashionable sea creature!

I thought this was gorgeous.

A sea horse!

Another sea horse, floating peacefully.


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