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Turkey 2010, part 1.

Tiny little airport.

A Keira sighting! 🙂

Airport ‘café’.

We had a lot of time at the airport.

So we drank. Kuky did, too. Everyone was in a great mood – and it lasted throughout our entire stay.

My little sister wanted this neatly wrapped chocolate. I have no idea what became of it in the end.

Time to board the plane.

If you say so.

I actually rather like planes… but I’m always a wee bit nervous.

The food was… ok.

Kuky was hungover so he only had orange juice.

The airport in Antalya.

The passport control line. Oh yeah.

This was our third time in Turkey so we knew exactly where to go. Smooth.

The bus on the right was the one that took us to our destination.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was scorching hot (I LOVED it) and the sky was blindingly blue. Now that’s what I call summer weather.

We soon learned that our hotel was the very last stop. Oh well. 🙂

We saw all that (and more) on the way there. Some of these hadn’t turned out the way I wanted but it was the best I could do in a moving vehicle.

Aaaand we’re there.

That’s where the security was. Cute!

Everything was green and gorgeous there.

The receptionists were swamped so we left our bags there and headed to get us some drinks and dinner.

I was too exhausted to take any pictures of what we ate – but we actually weren’t all that hungry, we were quite tired by then.

But eventually we made it to our room. 🙂

Our bathroom.

We unpacked and went out to find the beach. There are very few smells that I love as much as I love the smell of the sea.

I LOVE this shot, I loved this area of the beach bar. They only took those armchairs out in the evening and it just looked amazing.

The beach bar. We stayed for about an hour and then we headed back to our hotel room.

There were gorgeous flowers everywhere.

It was an exhausting day but a wonderful one nonetheless. The perfect start to the perfect holidays.

to be continued…


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