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London 2010. Day two.


‘Our’ lovely neighbourhood.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

There are so many gorgeous buildings in London.

Hyde park.

It was not nearly wam enough for these people to work out in tank tops.

Marble Arch.

Vanilla tea chai latté at Pret A Manger. (OMG their Christmas menu looks delicious.)

Too bad we didn’t have time to go in… but it was either Primark or Gloucester Place… so it wasn’t even a contest. Not really.

This one speaks for itself, I suppose.

I actually appreciated those. Very helpful. 😉

A wonderful mini mart. Love it.

Look at these buildings!

This building is perfect.

We were lucky enough to witness the annual Regent Street Festival!

Hamleys Toys.

Look at that BEAR. 😀


The most delicious cupcake ever.

Oh yes. 🙂

Trafalgar square… I was quite happy that I had the chance to go back the next day and take proper photos, without all those tents and stuff.

It started to rain. A lot.

So we hopped on the bus.

When we got off, it was no longer raining so we went to explore one of the streets near our hotel.

My future house. Right there. 😉


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