Puppies… again.

I still haven’t posted the pictures of them I took 2 weeks ago and I still mean to do that, but this is the latest batch, taken on Friday.
I have to say, they have been keeping me sane for the past couple of weeks. They ooze happiness and unconditional love. I love them to death.

Probably the best photo of our puppies I’ve ever taken. It will never stop being funny. 🙂

I love that they are so different. It’s really easy to tell them apart. They each have a differently shaped head and their fur colour, quality and lenght varies. They’re all lovely, though; I could never pick just one I like the most.

Oh and they’re hilarious, too. 🙂

They still get sleepy very often.

I love their tiny, wobbly legs.

A floating puppy!

Friday siesta. These puppies know how to relax properly.

They look like they’re just about to kiss one another.


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