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The Jihlava Zoo Pictures.

The entrance to the Zoo.

An extremely indecisive otter. She came back at least 5 times but never actually jumped into the water.

That seal totally posed for me. (Much appreciated.)

I love all these big cats. This one was having a staring contest with us. And then it actually bothered to get up and get closer to us. I love leopards but having one stand a couple centimeters away from me was a little chilling.

And another leopard strikes a pose.

A sleeping serval.

A pygmy hippopotamus! Have you ever seen one before? They’re sort of adorable. But smelly.

I wanted to touch it so badly. But I didn’t, of course.

Find waldo!

A giant, giant ostrich and its three eggs. (I think this was the Greater Rhea, but I’m not sure.)

A zebra!

Girlfriend’s got some amazing lashes here.

A sloth! And it was actually moving this time – more quickly than you would’ve thought.

An iguana. I love them, tiny little dragons. 🙂

See? The sloth has moved!

A very sad-looking golden babirusa.

This is a manul (also known as Pallas’s cat). It’s a wild, fluffy cat and it’s adorable.

Even the plants there are gorgeous.

A Malayan sun bear.

Their claws are frightening.

Monkeys! Brown capuchins, I think.

This one was funny.

A rattlesnake.

A coral snake. Beautiful, but deadly.

Lemurs! Lemurs are awesome.

A parrot.


Too bad the photos from there never turn out very well. Anyway… in this Zoo, there is this small hut with two sets of doors. Inside, there are bats. The Rodrigues Flying Foxes, to be exact.
If you dare, you can step inside. There are no nets or anything, it’s their realm and your choice if you want to risk going inside. I always do. I am frightened of them getting tangled in my hair, but they never do. Still, it’s such a strange feeling, standing there in the heat and watching them sleep… or move around. It’s not for those faint of heart, that’s for sure.

The same picture, now with flash. You can actually spot them here, I think.

This one kept moving. It was my cue to leave.

Swimming capybaras!

Isn’t that place beautiful?

Pelicans. They’re so big!


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