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Last weekend in Prague.

A kiosk at the Wenceslas square. I wouldn’t recommend eating anything that comes from there but I have to give it to them, the mulled wine smelled heavenly.

Wee! Baubles!

On Saturday, we went to this vegetarian place called Clear Head for lunch.

This is what the ceiling looks like there. It’s mesmerising.
It’s the loveliest place and every single item on their menu is incredibly delicious (and healhty, too!). Just make sure to book in advance if you go there because that place is packed.

This was “Feta cream” – cheese cream with smoked tempeh and chive and with bread.

This drink was called The Pink Panther. There were cranberries and freshly squeezed orange & apple juice, I think.

Me and my sister had ginger tea. Made of real, actual ginger. It was delicious.

Thai red curry with tofu, spring vegetables and rice.

Polenta gnocchi in a creamy soft sheep milk cheese sauce with a smoked tofu baked on onions.

If you’re ever in Prague, this is the place to eat.

The Wenceslas square by night.

I love this place, despite it being very busy and full of tourists.

Christmas decorations are up. 🙂


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