nature · photography · winter


So this happened this morning. It was a foggy morning, but then dawn did something really brilliant to the skies. I noticed it about 1 minute before I had to leave for work and, regretfully, this was the best view I could get from anywhere in our house. Still, the colours were breathtaking. I love it when nature makes something that people usually only make in Photoshop. It may end up a wee bit kitschy looking, as these transition periods often do, but kitsch or not, there is a lot of beauty in it.

The first class I taught today was in a building in an industrial area of the town. It’s a great place for dawn-spotting but I must say that sunrise is currently happening at a time that is extremely inconvenient for me. 😛

Unfortunately, on my way back home, everything went back to the greyscale; it makes you think like spring doesn’t even exist in this universe.

I can’t wait for the green grass, bold colours and the smell of renewal in the air. I actually heard some birds singing this morning but I suppose it’s still too cold around here for most of them. It is always a sure sign of the coming spring to be woken up by the birds. I’m really looking forward to it.


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