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Jeremy & Ellie’s Wedding.

This was by far the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.

The Bride’s fantastic shoes. (Love, love, love, love, love them.)

The (professional) photographer accidentally fell into a koi pond. (He was okay and so were his cameras.) This is Ellie’s reaction to the whole incident. πŸ˜€

We could see the Prague Castle from the garden. (The location was breath-taking.)

Table decorations.


One of the things I loved most about the decorations was that it was all extremely tasteful, sober and smart.

That’s me on the right with Jeremy, the Groom, and the Bride’s cousin, Tereza.

Ellie and I.

Tereza, Hannah & I.

I do like how this one turned out.

Me, Hannah and the photographer’s spare lenses. πŸ˜›


Sunset over the Prague Castle.

I love their expressions in this one.

Notice any similarities between her dress and the cake? πŸ™‚

I caught the bouquet. πŸ™‚

It was a day to remember. We all had so much fun and everything was flawless. I am so glad I could be a part of it.


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