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October 2012: A picture a day (Week 2).

08 (Monday)

A very long day at work.

09 (Tuesday)

I wore my Jack Skellington(ish) pendnant.

I saw the moon and the stars.

10 (Wednesday)

Flu jab. I only felt horrible in the evening. Last year, I’d felt sick for a WEEK after the jab. So it’s all good.

11 (Thursday)

First frosty morning of this autumn. It was beautiful, even though it didn’t last long.

Many of my classes had been cancelled so I cleaned. A lot.

12 (Friday)

I had some birthday presents to wrap.

It was a gloomy day.

But this kind of weather works in autumn.

I had coffee and wine with a friend of mine in the evening.

13 (Saturday)

I put up some Halloween decorations in my tiny classroom.

Mum and I at a family gathering on Saturday afternoon.

14 (Sunday)

A foggy morning. It was beautiful.

Baby Misha turned ONE on Friday (October 12th) so we stopped by to celebrate. 🙂

Misha with his parents.

My mum is a big cat-lover and the cat knows it.

Being one year old can get very tiring.

It was a great end to a so-so week.


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