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End of March food post.

Breakfast in bed. This is why I love Sunday mornings.

Custom-mixed muesli, lyophilised fruit, home-made yogurt + 1 teaspoon spirulina and 1 teaspoon wheatgrass.

It doesn’t look very appealing when mixed together but it doesn’t affect the taste and there are considerable health benefits. 🙂

A super-easy cake with raspberry jam and grated coconut.

Judas buns. We made them early this year because I’m going away for Easter. My family don’t like Easter, we don’t celebrate it all; this is the only custom which we tend to uphold and that’s mostly because these buns are really delicious. They’re supposed to represent the rope on which Judas hanged himself. I love them with a spot of salted butter and honey.

+ two Instagram photos to illustrate the weather in March 2013.



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