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My Instagram summer (part 2

So Facebook has decided not to post my Instagram photos. All of a sudden it started refusing to connect to Instagram, for no reason at all. I’m not happy about this.

Anyway, here are some more Instagram photos from July. My phone camera leaves a lot to be desired but sometimes I need to resort to it because I don’t carry my camera everywhere.

Garden lights from IKEA.

Russian ice cream.

My friend has a pool in his garden. #jealous

I love gardens.

Sunset over a railway crossing.

I miss London.

A lot.

Eton mess.

I finally had some gooseberries! They were lovely.

I like it there, for some reason.


The same suset, a bit later.

Eda taking a nap in one of her favourite positions.

My sister and her baby.

A superb caipirinha.

Essie In The Cab-Ana with a matte topcoat. Perfect for summer.

Sunday pudding.

A cup of coffee and a slice of a deliciious blueberry pie my best friend made.

Misha pretending he’s still a baby.

Misha & his furry sister.

Misha & mummy.

A cat in a bag.

Eda, hypnotised by food.

Our Union Jack buntings on the terrace.

My Instagram


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