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New ornaments – Christmas 2013.

We took down our Christmas tree on Monday. I know it was its time and I know we’ve had it up longer than most people but it just always makes me a little sad. So I decided to make one last Christmas-related post just to show you what ornaments we bought for Christmas 2013 because it’s sort of a tradition now, I think. 🙂

A pine cone — there’s another one exactly like that except it’s silver.

A nutcracker. (From the Christmas shop on Tooley Street.)

White baubles with red sparkly reindeer.

We bought two of these at M&S and all I can say is that we should have bought more of them. They look stunning.

These two are last year’s but I love them so here they are again. 🙂

This one is from last year, too, but I wanted to post it again just to point out how much I regret not getting more of them. It has this vintage feeling to it and it just looks stunning on the tree.

Can’t wait for next year. ♥


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