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Two brilliant weekends.

The first June Sunday was special because my friend Marek came back from his one-semester-long stay in Scotland. We were the first batch of friends to meet up with him.

Marek, Martina & Veronika.

Veronika & I.

I spotted some cherries on the way to the pub! Nothing says summer quite like cherries.

This was our Sunday breakfast. It was 25°C of course we decided to eat on the terrace.

Veggies and a home-made smoothie (mango, banana, tangerine, mint).

You just can’t beat a morning like that.

I picked these flowers on my way from ice skating on Saturday.

I love our little terrace garden.

We had salmon and cous cous with veggies for lunch.

Our new dahlias.

Leftover cous cous and a tomato salad with dill for dinner.

I love dill. I think it’s severely underrated.

I want more weekends like that.


2 thoughts on “Two brilliant weekends.

  1. Your weekends look like they were a lot of fun, and your photos are lovely. Your food shots look great!

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