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Summer barbecue.

The weather is extremely autumn-like today (too soon!) so I’ve decided to bring summer back with this garden barbecue post.

Much better already. I love Marek’s pool.

We’re starting small.

This is the colour of summer. I wish someone would come up with this exact shade of nail varnish.

How gorgeous is that pool?



The gang.



Martina was rocking this amazing lavender flower crown. It smelled and looked divine.

I’ thinking about it.

And I’m in.

Bottoms up.

Aneta and Dan.

The night has fallen.

We attempt to take a picture of all of us. This was the best one out of, like, four hundred.

By some terrible accident (coughDancough), Marek ends up in the pool again.

And he’s not the only one!

It’s really difficult to do this when you’re soaking wet.

We start posing.

Look at our gorgeous flower crowns! Martina made them all during the night.


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