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Early autumn in Stromovka.

The following pictures are from the beginning of October. We took Eda to Stromovka, her favourite park in Prague. While we were there, I tried to look for as many signs of autumn as possible. Many of the trees are bare now, of course, but I wanted to post the photos anyway because it was such a nice morning.

There were only hints of red and yellow then.

Eda was watching the ducks.

And then I tried to make her pose.

But she just wouldn’t look at me.

Eda met a friend of hers.

They played for a bit but the other dog was a bit frustrated with Eda because Eda’s way too quick and her friend was used to being the one who chases other dogs.

I love that park.

This was the view from our hotel window the next morning.

Can you spot the Moon?


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