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I spoke too soon.

This is what I woke up to this morning. It’s not much but it’s snow!

There were some itty bitty icicles, too.

They only switched on the lights on those trees last night. They’re so beautiful and it’s such a pity that they’ll only be on for a few weeks.
(Christmas lights update: they’re not working tonight. There just has to be a glitch every year, right? They put it up way too late and it’s glitchy. :P)

The trees are still encased in ice and it’s beautiful. When the wind blows, you can hear the branches clink. It’s stunning, albeit dangerous.

I took these on my way to the gym in an attempt to document the first snow of the year, even though I only had my camera phone with me.

So what’s the weather like where you are? Has it snowed yet in your neck of the woods?


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