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A winter’s day in Bloomsbury, London.

I miss London. What else is new, eh? I had the most beautiful weather there in December. 4 days of sunshine – it doesn’t get much better than that. Especially considering that was pretty much all the sun expose I got in December. 😛 January wasn’t much better in that respect. Those past few days, however, have been wonderfully sunny. I love sunny winter days, they’re magical as far as photography goes. The light is wonderful even at 11 am, which is so rare!
Anyway, here’s a winter morning/early afternoon in Bloomsbury, London. I hadn’t seen that part of London before. I went there primarily to visit the Charles Dickens Museum but I then had a blast walking around because Bloomsbury is just magical. I definitely need to go back and explore some more.

Blindingly blue skies over St. Paul’s.

The museum was fantastic. I took some photos in there as well but I fear they are far too Christmassy for a February post.

I love these houses.

The loveliest shop window.

Back at One New Change.

A sight I’m sure I’ll never tire of.


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