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I’ve just realised there was no birthday post this year. It feels like I was celebrating it all throughout February and let me tell you, it was rather amazing.

So let’s have a short and very straight to the point re-cap:

On 8th February, I went to Lausanne because….

… my birthday present were tickets for Art On Ice. ❤

Switzerland is incredibly gorgeous and I'll definitely be going back. As for Art on Ice… if at all possible, I will make it my tradition. It was really perfect and I still can't think about it without getting all emotional. I mean, look at the line-up. It doesn’t get much better than that! I’m so happy I got to see Sarah Meier skate one last time before she retires and that Max Trankov seems to be healing and back in training. And I have to say that Marc Sway, Tom Odell and Nelly Furtado are exactly my cup of tea and they’re all fantastic musicians and are amazing live.
The highlight of the night for me was (rather expectedly :P) Stéphane Lambiel. He really is something different, he always has been. The amount of talent, passion and joy that he has and exudes when he skates is just extraordinary.
It was an incredible night and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate my 30th birthday.

The rest of February was pretty good, too, though it went by far too quickly, mostly due to my being so busy. I got quite a lot of ice time in February — not as much as I’d like or need but, all things considered, it was pretty good.

So I trained and trained and trained and trained.

I only trained at this outside rink once because it was far too busy an the ice was pretty bad but it was great to skate outside. 🙂

And I also got these beautiful flowers that make my bedroom smell like spring. (Insert the usuall “I wish I were born around the time lilacs usually bloom but freesias are pretty cool, too” here. :P)

More memorable February moments can be found on my instagram. Pretty good going for February, I think.

Pictures from Switzerland coming soon so stay tuned!


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