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Wandering about Lausanne.

It really shouldn’t take so long to post photos from my trip but the thing is that lately I just fall asleep within 5 minutes after I sit down in the evening. So instead of writing up the posts I’m happily snoozing away in my armchair until it’s time to drag myself into bed. My schedule seems to be taking its toll on me a little bit. 😛

Anyway, on to the post. We came to Lausanne on a beautiful, wintry Sunday afternoon. The flight was really short and pleasant as was the journey by train from Geneva and we were hardly tired at all so we immediately went exploring. We just wandered around the streets, trying to get the feel of the place. I think it took my about 10 minutes to completely fall in love with it and when we reached Lake Geneva, the feeling intensified even more.

Let me show you around!

First signs of spring!

My first glimpse of the Alps…. sort of. 🙂

That cloud was just chilling there, happily obstructing my view. 😀

Chateau d’Ouchy.

Stunning. Just stunning.

I didn’t temper with the photo at all. These really are the colours of Lac Léman. ❤

Sunset over Lac Léman.

Love these little sassy guys. (Except for that one time when they took a crap on my shoulder in front of the Houses of Parliament. :P)

The good ship Penelope. Had to take a picture as it’s one of my favourite names.

Place de la Riponne

I love seeing Baťa shops in other countries. 😛



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