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Food post.

I’m very much a breakfast person. I’m usually hungry in the morning and I love variety. Right now, however, I am slightly stuck on oatmeal and its variations — maybe because I really enjoy how varied it can be. One of my favourite things to have for breakfast these days is Swiss oatmeal. It’s really easy and quick to make. All you need is a big bowl, spelt oats, milk (I prefer almond or coconut), white yogurt and some fruit of your choice. I currently love using bananas and pears and I always, always add cinnamon and some dried fruit or raisins. I never add any sugar and I always make loads of it so I could have it for breakfast more than once.

A couple of weeks ago I also tried to make a very simple pasta dish with avocado and it was a huge success. I mashed up two avocados, chopped up some cherry tomatoes and added salt and pepper to taste, along with a squeeze of lemon juice. Quick, easy and delicious.

2 weeks ago, I gave a go to this recipe because I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was really easy to make and it was delicious — the only problem was that we ate those pancakes so quickly that I couldn’t snap a proper picture.

This was all I got. Then we dug in and it was impossible to stop eating. 😛

I also made this cauliflower crust pizza last week. It was really nice and tasty but for some reason I couldn’t manage to squeeze out all that water. It didn’t affect the taste at all, it just wasn’t as crunchy as I would’ve liked, but still. If you watch the video, they manage to squeeze out so much water and I couldn’t get out almost anything, no matter how hard I tried.

Now these were my breakfast last week and they were delicious. It’s almost the same recipe as for the Swiss oatmeal, except that you put it in individual jars so you can then take it with you wherever you like.

First layer: white yogurt with chia seeds.
Second layer: fruit (raspberries in this case)
Third layer: oats
Fourth layer: more yogurt
And I sprinkled some shaved almonds, cocoa beans and goji berries on top.

It’s delicious and it looks really nice in those jars.

Apart from breakfast, I’m really into puddings. I really like sweet things of all kinds and chocolate especially is my weakness. Just so you know. 😛 Anyway, I discovered this recipe for banana & peanut butter biscuits and they sounded too good not to give them a go. They may not look especially appealing but they really are delicious. There’s some sugar in the recipe (scroll down for the English version) — I didn’t use any because I think that the banana and chocolate are sweet enough and I was right. It was on the sweet side but not too sweet. Perfect, really. They’re also really soft and they remain soft even after a couple of days. Can’t recommend them enough.

And here’s a bonus photo: my hairdress had this made for me for my 30th birthday. Isn’t it just PERFECT?


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