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Early spring 2015.

Two weeks ago I was convalescing from a minor(ish) dental surgery and I couldn’t exercise or skate for a couple of days. I used these days to play around with my camera a little in order to document how quickly everything’s changing now that it’s finally spring. There are two sets of photos taken only 5 days apart and you can see a huge difference there. I often hear people saying that those who carry around cameras miss most of what’s really going on around them because they concentrate on taking the photos. The opposite is true for me. I notice so much more through my camera lens. It really opens up a whole new world to me and gives me another opportunity to really see and appreciate the world around me.

April 15th

The cherry tree in front of the cinema.

My favourite alley.

The yelow is blinding.

Down the stairs.


Better shots of the cherry tree.

The linden tree in front of my house.

April 20th

My favourite alley is decidedly greener.

Spot the bird!

Soon, my dearies. Soon!

The magnolia tree is falling behind a bit.

But it won’t be long now.

What a difference 5 days make!

I took no photos of this tree the week before because there was nothing to see. And look at it now!

I love how fluffy they are.


2 thoughts on “Early spring 2015.

  1. The same happened in my flat, I had a small rose bush that just looks like twigs for most of autumn and winter, and now in a week it looks luscious and green! Isn’t it marvellous when Nature wakes up?

    1. It absolutely is marvellous! I’m always so glad to hear that other people notice these things, too. 🙂

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