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Marek’s 25th birthday party.

It was my friend Marek’s 25th birthday last Friday. He threw together a really superb birthday party — and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. 🙂 We were supposed to have it outside but the weather around here has been rather unfortunate lately so we had to stay in.

My outfit for the night.

The decorations were super pretty.

Martina, Katka and Pavlina.



Chocolate chip muffins.

Martina & Katka.

Marek and Denisa.

The birthday boy.

Klara in her 1920s headband, which she apparently bought in an office supplies shop. 😛

Klara and Tom.

Klara, Tom and Veronika.

Pavlina with Chloe, who is Klara and Tom’s British Greyhound. Chloe is a rescue and she’s precious and very sociable. ❤


Savoury muffins.

Me and Marek.

Martina’s hair was super gorgeous that night.

Marek, Denisa, Pavlina and me.

Pavlina and Katka.


Klara & Tom.


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