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Home: autumn decorations.

Happy October, everyone! Hope you’re as stoked for this month as I am. 🙂 This morning was actually the perfect autumn morning. The weather was crisp and sunny and when I nipped out to the shop to buy some bread, I could smell autumn in the air.
You know how sometimes, no matter how much you love that particular season or holiday, you just cannot get into the spirit at all? Well that doesn’t seem to be the case this year. I’m so very excited about the upcoming weeks and months and I really want to enjoy every single moment leading up to my favourite time of the year.

Last weekend I finally had time to put up some autumn decorations. I usually don’t go overboard with them; I think that a couple of touches here and there are quite enough and I also like to leave some space for Hallowe’en decorations that will be coming up soon.

I recently ordered this jar from H&M home and I love it. I’ve put all kinds of autumn-related stuff into it (pebbles, chestnuts, leaves and tiny little pumpkins), plus some fairy lights. I rather like how it turned out!

New Yankee Candle, Vanilla Bourbon. It smells delicious.

The lamp is an old piece from Ikea. I autumnised it by wrapping a leafy garland around it. I like it a lot!

Now the board is all ready for Halloween now. I snagged the free printables here.

I love this headband; I got it for Christmas last year and it was just too autumny to wear it in January. Now I wear it all the time.

The kitchen got its usual makeover, too. Only now there are more leaves and berries.

It looks very pretty when it’s all lit up.

I’ve added some autumnal touches to my classroom as well.

I keep it quite sober but I like it when the environment I spend so much time in changes a little with every passing season.

I’ve got this nice little shelf (also H&M Home) now, too, which helps to make the desk look much more organised. I’ll be adding some Hallowe’en decorations soon because I want to enjoy them properly. 🙂

Do you decorate for autumn and/or Halloween? And if so, when do your Halloween decorations go up?


3 thoughts on “Home: autumn decorations.

  1. Love Autumn and these colours! 🙂 We’ll do something in our home too, next week probably! (Hallowe’en doesn’t exist here in NL, but I always do stuff anyway :), my kids always loved it – why not?

    1. It doesn’t exist here in the Czech Republic, either, but I love it so I celebrate it. I think it makes autumn even more fun. 🙂

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