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Home: a touch of Halloween.

This week is bonkers. I’m taking Thursday afternoon and all day on Friday off to have some fun with my friend and my sister. What it actually means for me is that I’m doing my best to cram 5 working days into 3 and a half. So far it’s not so bad but tomorrow’s going to be a real challenge. I have every minute of that day planned, from 5 am to 7 pm. We’ll see how it goes. šŸ™‚

Anyway, I actually had a moment today to put up some Halloween decorations. Not many, mind you, but some of my favourites.

This bloke, for example, is a staple of our Halloween decorating.

You can see why that is, right? That twinkle in his eyes says it all.

There are now pumpkins and candles on the staircase.

And I put these in front of the door to my classroom.

I got these patty pan squash from a lovely student of mine who grows them in her garden.

And I found these leftover Yankee candles from last year!

I love these lanterns! Last year we had them in the kitchen, this year they’re in my classroom.

They look a bit squished, don’t they? šŸ˜›

Have you put up any Halloween decorations yet?


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