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Autumns past.

Autumn is now truly and well on the way and I hope I will have a moment next week to go out for a walk to take some photos. I have about two locations on my mind, they’re places I don’t go to much now that Eda’s not here, and I’d really like to see how these places have changed since last month.
And since I’ve had little luck with autumn pictures this year so far, I’ve dug up some photos from the last few years that sum up the season for me.


The following four photos are among my favourite. I often regret being so limited with regards to when I can go taking photos (because with my day job, I can’t just get up and go) so when something like this happens, I’m very happy.


My favourite alley.

A frosty morning.


My first time in Pumpkin World. Can’t wait to go again this year!

Are there any photos that always remind you of autumn?


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