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Weekly gratitude post #8.

Happy November, everyone! Hope you had a safe and fun Hallowe’en and that you’re properly excited about November now. Some terrific things are about to happen, can you feel it?

I stayed in last night so I at least wore my skeleton tights during the day.

I got some really strange looks but I kind of loved it. 😛

This week I’m grateful for:

1. Music and skating. Because these two things always, always make me feel better, no matter what.

2. Horror films. Because some of them are a lot of fun and I love to be scared, knowing that I’m safe.

3. Bank holidays. An extra day off is always fantastic.

4. E-shops. I am seriously so grateful for every single e-shop that delivers to my country… it makes Christmas shopping even more fun. 🙂

Have you started on your Christmas shopping yet? And what have you been grateful for this week?


2 thoughts on “Weekly gratitude post #8.

  1. What funky tights….bit envious.

    Bank holiday?

    Christmas shopping is pretty straightforward for me. Not many to buy for now and I keep it very simple indeed.

    I’m grateful for food and to the farmers for providing me with nutritious goodies for filling my plate and tummy. I’m very grateful for my bed….I climb in at the end of the day and I’m out like a light in no time at all. x

  2. I go them off ASOS! I’m pretty happy with them, I have to say. 🙂

    Yes, yes, Wednesday was bank holiday in my country. I love those odd off days!

    What a lovely gratitude list! Nutritious food and a comfy bed… it doesn’t get much better than that!

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