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The second advent weekend.

My second advent weekend kicked off with a fabulous party with my friends. Here are some snaps from our evening together.

I really loved the decorations.

I made Veronika & Marek pose for me.

This is what happens when you start taking photos after 2 am.

Too sexy for the camera.

On Saturday morning we finally started baking for Christmas.

We’d prepared some dough in advance and then made some more on the spot.

Within a couple of minutes the entire house smelled of cinnamon and citrus peel.

We had Brussels sprouts carbonara for lunch. Delicious!

I finally took a proper photo of our advent wreath.

After lunch, there was more baking… and some Glühwein.

Vanilla crescents in the making.

Then it started getting dark outside and the Christmas lights on the trees in front of my house switched on.

The sunset was rather lovely.

We made these for the first time ever. They’re delicious but so brittle! We’re still supposed to dip them in chocolate and I’m a little nervous about doing that because I don’t want to break them all.

A day’s work in Christmas sweets. Some of these are not finished yet, they need icing or dipping in various things but still, well done us!

How did you spend the second advent weekend?


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