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London at Christmas 2014.

I love wandering about London. I love visiting the places I’ve been to many times and discovering the new ones. London has a lot to offer no matter what the season, but at Christmas it just becomes even more magical than usual. I think it’s impossible to walk through London this time of the year and not get that warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling.
I haven’t got any problem with the Christmas spirit myself. Not now or actually at any other time of the year. I’m basically Buddy the Elf all year round. But in case you’re lacking some Christmas spirit or just want to look at some pretty Christmas decorations and lights, I thought I’d post some more photos from my last year’s December visit.

Let’s start at the Old Spitalfields market.


These look perfect.

It’s the perfect Christmas jumper, right there.


I feel like if I bought this I could never eat it because it’s just too perfect.

A lovely Christmas tree at Pret.

Love love love the light.

One New Change in the blinding winter light.


Busy Millenium Bridge.

Borough market, all lit up.

The old and the new.

More London.

The gorgeous Christmas tree at Hay’s Galleria.

People skating at Somerset House.

The tree is stunning.

My mum looking very happy.

And me, too. I think I may have to take a photo by the tree every time I go there. 😛

Watching the skaters having fun.

Some bloke actually offered to take a photo of us which was really lovely!

Magical. Told you!

Stay tuned for part 2.:) Meanwhile, there are also the Borough market at Christmas post and A winter’s day in Bloomsbury posts if you missed them!


One thought on “London at Christmas 2014.

  1. Oh wow, Kate. Awesome photographs and…..Paddington. I’ve not seen this one before. So festive and full of cheer, as always. You never disappoint.

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