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The fourth advent weekend.

This year, the fourth advent weekend was so busy that I didn’t even have time to document it as properly as I would’ve liked.

I spent quite a long time wrapping presents. I think I might have mentioned before that it is something I love to do but I’m not very good at it. So when I try to make it look good, it takes a long time.

Our wrapping paper is, traditionally, Marks & Spencer. I would’ve brought loads more from Paperchase if I could but I can’t really imagine it surviving the transfer, unfortunately. It’s killing me that they don’t ship here!

There were also some sweets that needed finishing.

They turned out really lovely this year!

I found a spare string of lights from Ikea so I put it up on our fireplace.

I tried to make Eda all festive in the process but she wasn’t having it. 😛

And we made a wreath for our front door. We’d planned to put on some red berries but we couldn’t get them anywhere here. So we had to make do with some random leftover decorations.

She looks unhappy… but that’s mostly due to the fact that we don’t feed her the sweets.

Being Eda is clearly exhausting. 😛


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