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Weekly gratitude post #18.

I think that the first January week might be the most dreaded and hated week of the year. Mine was actually filled with walks in the snow, family meetings and good food — not bad at all! How was your first week of the new year?

This cocktail is called Poinsettia, by the way. Nigella’s recipe. Give it a go, it’s delicious!
This week I’m grateful for:

1. The family tradition on not taking the Christmas decorations down on 6th January. I know that this is when Christmas officially ends but it’s long been a tradition in my family to have the tree up for as long as it looks nice. Sometimes we start putting away some of the other decorations gradually but we love to have our tree and all the fairy lights up for as long as possible. January is usually a very cold and always a very dark month so why not enjoy the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree for a little longer? It makes the house feel even cosier than usual and it certainly brightens up all the long, dark evenings.

2. The weather! All the snow… I’m in love.

3. Happy family meetings. We didn’t manage to see some of our family over Christmas so we met up on Friday and it was great.

4. More work! A former student of mine sought me out earlier this week to ask for individual lessons. I’m really happy about that! This person used to attend one of the group courses I taught many years ago. They couldn’t continue due to change of job but the situation has now changed yet again and they’re back! It always makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside when somebody comes back for more. 🙂 It means a really busy winter for me and I’m very happy about that, too.

5. This traditional Christmas sweet plait bread. It’s usually eaten for breakfast at Christmas. We of course baked it for Christmas but I still had cravings… so I gave in and made another one yesterday. It goes really well with the lit Christmas tree and a Lord of the Rings marathon (best January tradition ever.) 🙂

Quite a list this week! What’s on yours?

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