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Carnival on ice.

When my little sister was here for Christmas, there was a Carnival on ice event in my local ice rink. I am not the target group so I can’t really comment on the choice of music or why the organisers would put these huge inflatable rings in an ice rink that was full of people. Nevertheless, it was a good opportunity to finally go ice skating with my little sister. She’d only been once before in her life and I found out that she’d skates in those horrible plastic rentals then. I was a bit worried how she’d handle recreational figure skates (the toepick was my main concern) but she was brilliant! She goes rollerblading a lot so that definitely helped with the balance and also she’s young enough not to be frightened of falling down.
We stayed for about an hour and had a lot of fun! We both hope that she gets proper ice skates next Christmas so we can go more often.

Look how happy she looked! And I’m not sure if you can make it out but she’s wearing a spider headband.

I dressed up as the Ghost of Christmas Present. 😀

I tried to teach her how to stop. 😀

It was such a fun afternoon, I can’t wait to take her again.


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