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23 December 2015.

My mum and I were just talking the other day that we need to plan our run-up to Christmas a little better this year. We managed, of course, we even did more than we’d planned, but the schedule was way too tight. It could be potentially even worse this year as Christmas Eve is on Saturday and we like to be all done by then. We’ve decided we’re going to try and take Thursday and Friday off so we have enough time to get ready without feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve got to say, though, looking at the photos from December 23, it doesn’t really look all that hectic at all!

First of all, we still had some decorating to finish.

We finally figured out a way how to put those robins up so we could still open and close our windows.

We haven’t got a mantelpiece so this has to do.

I really like how it turned out this year.

My mum’s friend made this for her.

Then we moved on to baking. On the 24th, it is a tradition to eat a sweet plait loaf for breakfast.

We had to make two different types of dough this year because my sister has had to cut out gluten (for medical reasons).

Our Christmas tree was outside on the terrace then, waiting to be brought in.

I finally learned how to do this properly. 😛

All done. It tastes even better than it looks.

When we were done, it was finally time to put up our Christmas tree.

Eda was trying to help.

Too cute.

And later that night, I made a plum compote. It’s a family recipe, one of my favourites.

So that was my 23 December 2015. Next up: Christmas Eve!


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