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Weekly gratitude post #22.

I went to the theatre with my mum last night to see a play called Two Worlds Hotel. I hadn’t heard of it before and the description sounded rather dismal but it wasn’t. It was really interesting, even funny in some moments, and it made me think. I liked it a lot! The next play we’re going to see is actually next Saturday. It’s one we should’ve seen about a month ago but we were unable to go because back then the roads were too dangerous to risk it. It’s Romeo & Juliet and I’m sure I’ll love it. Then in about another 2 weeks we’re going to see Paul Pörtner’s play called Scherenschnitt oder Der Mörder sind Sie. It’s supposed to be an interactive play with the audience being somehow involved. I’ve never been to a play like that and I’m super excited and curious.
Here are some phone snaps of me and my mum from last night:

One year ago, to the day, I set off for my first trip to Switzerland ever. I’ve been reminiscing quite a lot these days and I dug up some photos that I hadn’t posted yet so make sure you take a look! There’s enough photos for one more post which I hope to put up some time next week.

This week I’m grateful for:

1. Art in all its forms. It’s a source of endless joy and beauty in life.

2. All the healthy and delicious food I have the privilege to enjoy. I finally feel somewhat inspired to mix up my breakfasts again so hopefully I will get around doing that next week — and documenting it for the blog, too!

3. Having the opportunity to take a nap at the weekend. My schedule is rather insane during the week and I am so happy to have a few moments just for myself at the weekend.

4. Feeling so content and ready for next week on a Sunday evening.

What are you grateful for?


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