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It’s the little things.

If you’ve ever watched Twin Peaks, you know that Special agent Dale Cooper is a very unique human being. (If you’ve never seen it, you’re missing out and you should rectify that immediately.) I always find his sincere interest and fascination with things that other people find most mundane very inspiring. At one point in series 1, he says to Sheriff Truman: “[…] Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. […]” I happen to think it is an excellent advice. I think that even a very little thing you unexpectedly do for yourself just because you want to can turn your entire day around and make it something special.

This Monday, for example, one of my lessons was unexpectedly cancelled. It was a bright, sunny morning and I was up already anyway so I decided to go out for a bit. I went to the greengrocer’s and bought some fruit. It was such a treat to actually take a short walk in the sunshine — I always seem to be shut somewhere inside, always running from the classroom to the ice rink, from the ice rink to the gym and then back to the classroom, so fresh air and sun are always a good idea. And I also got myself some flowers, because why not. I adore flowers and they had the most beautiful tulips in the shop. And then I had a cup of coffee while sitting down and NOT TEACHING, which is something that also happens very rarely these days. They’re all such little thing but it felt like a huge treat at the moment.

I matched my nail varnish with my flowers. Close enough, right?

The shade of my lipstick is pretty close, too, isn’t it?

The entire point of this post is: treat yourself. It doesn’t have to cost you money. It can be a short walk, a cup of coffee or a nap. Or it can be a slice of cake, a small bouquet of flowers or some fresh fruit. Any little thing that’ll make you happy. Just get up from your desk for a while and concentrate on yourself and your own well-being for a while. It works wonders.

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