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Strawberries for breakfast + 2 spring outfits.

This was the second half of next week. 🙂

Thursday breakfast.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste of those strawberries. I hadn’t expected them to taste so good when they’re still out of season.

I wore this on Monday. I bought this dress the Friday before and I’m completely and utterly in love with it. (It’s Orsay, I love their dresses!) I was so happy it was warm enough last week and I could wear it to work. It reminds me of our blue onion crockery and it fits like a dream.

This pink tulle skirt is new(ish) as well but I’ve only worn it once so far. I’ve had the shoes forever and they appear to be the same shade of pink as the skirt!

I love the colour of these tulips but I’ve just bought new ones at the farmer’s market and they’re wild tulips and they’re beautiful. I threw in some daffodils, too, and it’s just a a perfect spring bouquet. I’ve got to take pictures to show you. 🙂

My Friday treat was this a superb lemon cake. It looks so ordinary but it was fantastic. I have a new madeleine mould so I hope to try to bake some madeleines next weekend. I haven’t had them forever!


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