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Healthy Friday treats.

I start teaching at 6 am on Friday so I try to prepare my breakfast a day or two in advance so I can just grab it and eat. On Wednesday I made these blueberry & vanilla overnight oats for this morning and they are fantastic! And really easy to make, as it usually is with overnight oats.

For 2 portions I used:
1 1/2 cup rolled oats
hazelnut milk (you can use any kind of milk you like, of course, but I think that the hazelnut milk made it especially good)
1 tsp vanilla extract
blueberries (as many as I could fit into the jars

Don’t skimp on the blueberries!

And because I needed to use up the rest of my strawberries from the day before, I made a chocolate & banana chia pudding.

For 2 portions I used:
2 tbsp chia seeds
hazelnut milk
1 overripe banana (if your banana isn’t overripe, you may need to sweeten it a bit)
2 tsp organic cocoa powder
topping: chopped strawberries and sliced almonds

The plan for tonight is to eat this while watching the Titanic. 🙂

Whatever your plans are for tonight, I hope you have fun!


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