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Last May food post.

It’s almost June, which means it’s almost summer. I’m so looking forward to long, warm days which I hope with all my heart will come. And I’ve got plans for a rather wonderful trip at the beginning of July and I can hardly believe it’s only a month away now. Time to start planning, I think!

Anyway, here’s some weekend food inspiration that I found worthy of photographing.

This was breakfast on Sunday: eggs, ham, Red Leicester and some veggies. A much simpler one than those asparagus pancakes I had last week but it was delicious nonetheless.


A smoothie made out of blueberries, vanilla extract, one date, one tbsp chia seeds and 200 ml oatmilk. It was such a treat!

I had been craving spaghetti bolognese forever so this really hit the spot.

Sometimes it’s good to go simple.

Our Sunday treat was Eton mess in vintage Ikea glasses. (I’m using vintage very loosely here on purpose. :P)


I bought first local strawberries at the farmer’s market last week. I pretty much now don’t want to eat or drink anything else.

What did you guys eat over the weekend?


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