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Smells like summer.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m pretty excited about June and I think that this post may sum up why. There are certain smells that always remind you of the best memories of the summers past, and these are mine.

1. Peonies

On Thursday, my friend brought me some peonies from his garden. They are exactly the same peonies we used to have in our garden when I was a child. Exactly the same colour and smell; a perfect match. I can’t get enough of them and I carry them around with me wherever I go now. Back then, my love for them was a little tainted by the fact that there were these huge green bugs that used to live in them and every single time we brought them home, they would fly out of the flowers and (as I am convinced to this very day) try to kill me. They were green rose chafers, by the way. Horrid creatures.

Peonies are my favourite flowers in the whole wide world. With lilacs being close second.



2. Elderflowers

Here with a bonus elderflower cheesecake, which I have to admit I did not make. I bought it last Friday at my favourite vegetarian bistro and it was out of this world. I may have to try to make it myself some time soon. Anyway, elderflowers are just intoxicating!
I finally had my tick shot sorted out on Friday so now I can go out and get some. I want to dry them for tea because elderflower tea is the best tea ever and it’s never as good from a teabag. And there’s no better cure for a common cold than an elderflower tea with honey and lemon.


3. Strawberries

An obvious choice. I love all summer fruits (I currently can’t wait for cherries to start popping up at the market) but strawberries are just irrestitible to me. They’re in season now and I try to buy some at least twice a week because the season will be over way too soon and I really want to enjoy it while it lasts.


So how about you guys? What smells always remind you of summer?


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