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My weekend in 6 pictures.

I promise I still have my camera! I haven’t used it much in the past weeks but I picked it up again at the weekend so there are much better photos coming up, I promise! For now, though, there are six photos that sum up my weekend.

I kicked the weekend off at the gym. No better way to clear my head, except maybe skating.

Eda has been here for almost a month now. We take walks every day but this weekend was special. The heatwave of four (!) weeks was coming to an end and it was the last weekend of summer.

I could smell the wet leaves and chestnuts in the air.

We accidentally found a pet semetery. I had no idea we had one of those here. I of course immediatly started thinking about Pet Sematary and creeped myself out.

The leaves are starting to turn yellow and that makes me very excited.

I made the first crumble of the season! (And I accidentally matched my nail varnish to it.) It was peach, plum & cinnamon with oats and almond biscuits instead of flour. I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Are you getting excited about autumn yet?


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