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Day 3 in Geneva: CERN, the Red Cross museum and the best fondue ever.

The day after Ice Legends (details in this post) was a cold and rainy one and for a moment all I wanted to do was to stay in bed. But of course I didn’t because there’s much to do in Geneva even when it rains.

For example, you can go to a CERN exhibition. This was Universe of Particles. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot.




It was pouring with rain all day.

Our next stop was the Red Cross Museum.

I didn’t take many photos there but it’s definitely worth a visit!

Then we decided that it was finally time for us to have some proper Swiss fondue. So we headed to Cafe du Soleil to get some.

It was the best damn fondue in the world.

Just look at my happy face.

We thought we wouldn’t manage to eat it all. But we did. (And we regret nothing. :))

It was still cold and rainy when we returned back to the hotel. We were sated with the fondue and we were just in time for the Ice Legends broadcast, which was a fantastic ending to the day. We decided to spend the next day (our last one in Switzerland) in Lausanne. So keep an eye out on the blog to see how it went!


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