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Plum & amaretto crumble.

Apple strudel and plum crumble are probably my two favourite puddings in the autumn. They smell and taste like autumn and I never tire of them.
A couple of weeks ago I found a great recipe for a pear & amaretto crumble and I tweaked it a bit and made the most amazing plum crumble… two weekeneds in a row now.












For the crumble:
90g oats
150g Italian almond biscuits (I used these from Lidl)
80g flour – you can use wholemeal, spelt… whatever you fancy
60g walnuts
50g brown sugar (the original recipe had 150g but I think it’s way too much)
pinch of salt
150 ml melted butter

For the plums:
as many halved, destoned plums as it takes to cover the whole of your baking dish
60ml amaretto
2 tbsp flour
dash of brown sugar

Heat the oven to 190C fan.

Melt the butter. Put the walnuts and biscuits together into your food processor and whizz until smooth. Then put the mixture and all the rest of your dry ingredients into a big bowl, mix it all together and then add the butter. Work the crumble with your hands until it starts to clump together.

Put the plums into a bowl, pour the amaretto over them, add the flour, cinnamon and a dash of brown sugar. Use your hands to mix it all together and then put them into the base of a baking dish. You can sprinkle it with a bit more cinnamon – I always do because there’s no such thing as too much cinnamon.
Scatter the crumble over the plums and make sure that you have an even layer, that’s very important. Bake for about 30 minutes until golden brown.

Personally, I love to serve it with vanilla ice cream or Greek yogurt but it’s all up to you of course.

What are your favourite autumn desserts?


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