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Autumn brunches.

Brunches are probably my favourite part of the weekend. I don’t get to have slow mornings during the week so I always make sure to enjoy them during the weekend. It’s when everything calms down and I’ve got the time to enjoy the company of my family.

And it’s no secret that I like to photograph my food as well. So here are some of my favourite brunches from the past few weekends.

Figs with blue cheese and pine nuts on rye bread. Possibly one of my favourite things to eat ever.



Salmon, hard-boiled eggs, soft cheese, yoghurt & home-made granola with raspberries and pain au chocolat.



Simple cheese & ham with red bell pepper, yoghurt with home-made granola, corn flakes, figs and cinnamon and home-made plum jam.





I actually eat this for brunch, lunch and dinner… and I could have it every day, I’m not even kidding. This is a courgette, spring onion, leek, red bell peppers, tomato, bacon and eggs.

It’s really easy to make – you put everything in a pan in the order I described above – don’t chop it up in advance, just cut up the courgette and put it in, then do the same with the spring onion and so on. That way all your veggies will be done just right and they won’t get soggy at all.

Same food, different day, because it just looks so pretty.

If you’ve got any idea for an autumn brunch, please do share!


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