The Charles Dickens Museum.

If you are currently in London or are London-bound some time soon, I have a tip for a pre-Christmas outing: the Charles Dickens Museum. It must be lovely at any time of the year but at Christmas it’s just pure magic. They literally deck the halls and they go all out. Stepping inside the house is like stepping into The Christmas Carol.

First things first. That house is incredible and I want it.

The kitchen downstairs.

A banister I’ve always dreamed of just so I could decorate it like this.

How gorgeous is that Christmas tree?

Are you feeling festive yet?

I loved the wrapping paper, too.

This was the children’s room.

There was a quote from A Christmas Carol on the wall there which I obviously had to take a photo of.

What sealed the deal for me was this little gem of a garden. There’s a little cafe there and you can sit either inside or outside in this garden.

It was a bit too cold to sit outside so we had our tea (and brownies) inside. It’s a very nice and cosy cafรฉ and it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, the one which stays with you despite the nippy air outside.


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