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Looking for spring.

Happy first day of spring! Don’t you just love how that sounds? I’m so excited for some brighter and hopefully warmer days ahead! Last Monday was the first time in weeks I actually really felt like picking up my camera and taking some photos. I have been dealing with some health issues for the past few weeks and though they are still ongoing, they are now being addressed. Funny how that alone makes you feel better. Anyway, right now the whole of my Instagram is split into two halves: one of them is constantly posting photos of cherry and magnolia trees in bloom, snowdrops or daffodils – you get the idea; the other half is currently posting boomerangs of a thick snowfall. So I set out for a light constitutional just to see how we’re doing in that respect; I went to look for spring.



Well. That doesn’t look very promising, does it?

But: I am now woken up by the chirping of the birds every single morning and they were getting really loud during this walk as well. I love listening to them.

The state of our lilacs.

Looks more like late autumn, doesn’t it?



No green anywhere in sight.

But at least the ducks are having a great time.



I’m longing for anything that’s green right now that even this will do. πŸ˜› Also fun fact: my grandmother was born in this house. ❀

But I did spot some catkins (allergies ahoy!) so hopefully spring is not far off now.


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