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The best ice cream in Bratislava.

I managed to sprain my foot the Saturday before last and since I can’t skate just yet, I thought I’d use the extra time to put together a minipost about the ice cream shops we went to in Bratislava. I don’t usually eat ice cream so often because all the ice cream I can get in my little town is just foul. So I took full advantage of all the good ice cream in Bratislava. If you’re ever headed that way, make sure you get yourself some ice cream there and let me know what you thought!

I love the spelling and I love their ice cream. Definitely our number one. This was our first visit and I had mint & chocolate and pineapple & rosemary. Mum had pineapple & rosemary and mango sorbet.

The second time around I had pear with basil seeds (possibly the most delicious flavour ever) and chocolate.

This ice cream shop was on the way to our hotel, which was really great because every time we were too hot, we just popped in and had some ice cream to last us the way back to the hotel. They only have a couple of flavours, which made the decision process easy. I had mango and salted caramel and I forgot to write down what my mum had. Shame on me. 😛

Luculus. We went there because the day before we saw about 30 people queuing there for their ice cream and we were curious. They have a huge amount of flavours and some more inside – the ones that they offer inside are not the same that they offer outside so definitely go in to check out the whole range.

I didn’t think I’d make a post about this so I didn’t write down which flavours I had the first time around. I should’ve known better, eh? The second time around I had Raffaelo & blackberry and my mum had green apple and chestnut. I wasn’t crazy about the green apple but all the other ones we had there on both occasions were fantastic.

iNonni Cremeria
We popped in just to see what flavours they’ve got and left with a poppy seed ice cream in hand. It was out of this world.

The second time around I had Snickers and apricot. Snickers was basically salted caramel with extra peanuts, not bad at all but predictable. Apricot was superb.

The only one that was a bit of a disappointment. I had lavender and belgian chocolate. Lavender wasn’t lavendery enough and it was too sweet. Belgian chocolate was excellent (although a little too sweet for me as well) but I felt as though I’d eaten a three-course lunch. Not really what I look for in an ice cream.

I have to ask: what’s the best ice cream you’ve ever had?


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