Autumn – as of last week.

I took some photos last week and this week just to illustrate the change from week to week — and the difference is insane! Here are last week’s photos — this week’s batch will be up in a couple of days.

8th October

Last week I felt like autumn hadn’t fully decided to come yet.

Well, some trees were trying at least. :P

I love the cemetery this time of the year.

This is a close-up of the linden tree in front of our house last Wednesday.

Drive-by snapshots.

My favourite linden tree seems to have finally noticed that it’s autumn. There are new yellow leaves there every day!
I’ll take another photo a week from now just to compare. :)

I stopped by Claire’s on Friday and couldn’t resist. :P

This was my Sunday lunch. It was a brand new recipe and definitely one that I’m going to file among my favourites. This is a black-eyed beans & quinoa salad. There are so many good things in it — namely vegetable broth, spring onions, tomatoes, coriander, cashew butter, yeast, garlic, smoked pepper, mustard, black pepper and lemon juice. It was terrific!

October haul from Candy Store.

Now this was a very well-timed delivery! That Coffee-mate was supposed to be Pumpkin Spice but apparently they only have it in stock before Christmas. That bag of Reese’s is going to be a huge problem, though… they’re my favourite and I completely lack self control when it comes to them. :P

Almost October.

Despite the fact that we have been having more foggy mornings lately, the weather is still surprisingly warm for autumn.

The season doesn’t care about the weather much, though. :)

I found these on my way home from skating practice on Saturday. It reminded me of my childhood and how me and my sister used to make animals out of chestnuts and matchsticks.

We also had a very autumn-coloured lunch on Saturday: turkey pieces with home-made sweet potato chips and chunky applesauce.

And because October is quite literally around the corner, we bought this new pumpkin lantern and put it up right away.

Time to start on my horror films collections, I think!

Hello, autumn!

Last weekend, me and my mum went to the theatre. It was the first play of the season and it was Some Like It Hot. It was brilliant and hilarious. I really missed going to the theatre over the summer!

This is what my mum wore. She looks so good in black and silver!

And this is what I wore. (Ignore the hair, that was a mess.)

There’s this e-shop here that makes these tulle skirts. I’ve already got two of them and I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting another one next year. They’re absolutely stunning, you can wear them casually with a t-shirt or dress them up with a fancy top — and they always fit because you simply wrap the skirt around, tie it at the waist and you’re good to go.

The rest of the weekend was infused with pumpkins. We made a pumpkin smoothie which was the BOMB.

On Sunday I had breakfast in bed and finally watched the Downton Abbey Christmas special in order to get ready for the new series.

And then we started decorating for autumn.

I love how cosy these simple decorations make our house feel. Cosier than usual. :)

I’m so glad it’s officially autumn now!

Weekly snapshots.

Last week was less eventful than I would’ve liked, mostly because I came down with a cold on Thursday and it affected my plans for the rest of the week.

It has also been unseasonably warm lately. We had some rainy days but the temperatures have been in the 20s.

There are new yellow leaves on the linden trees every day.

We have also been having some gorgeous misty mornings and evenings and I really like those.

They inspired me to go and buy new autumn boots.

I got these vintage beauties! They’re really gorgeous and so comfortable! It’s way too warm for them still but hopefully I’ll be able to wear them out soon.

I also got these — they are last season, it was the last pair and they were ridiculously cheap. And I’d wanted blue boots forever so that was a match made in heaven.

On Friday, I tried to load up on vitamins to battle that awful cold. This was my fruit platter with a touch of almond butter in the middle.

Aren’t figs gorgeous?

On Saturday I was feeling much better so I decided to go skating — and then again on Sunday. It went surprisingly well, I could breathe so nicely there and I had a fantastic time.

Hope you’re having a great week!

Weekend snapshots.

My sister didn’t want a birthday party so our weekend was very low key. We had fun anyway, though!

First, I was shown some impressive mushrooms that my father had found. He’s pretty much a mushroom addict; I am not terribly keen but I can definitely appreciate them.

There was a farmer’s market on Saturday, which was really a lot like the Christmas market except with less mulled wine and advent wreaths. (And by less I of course mean NO mulled wine and advent wreaths.) We went anyway, it was a beautiful day and there was nothing else to do, really.

There were some wooden spoons and other stuff. (Do I actually see weapons there? I think I do!)


Face painting.

Ceramic pumpkins. Woohoo!

A lady handling a crossbow.

Coffee and crisps. The crisps are terribly good, made on the spot, and I can never resist them.

I’m starting to look for the first signs of autumn.

Because there are some!

We spent the rest of the weekend making rubber band bracelets and catching up on Doctor Who.

Turkey 2014; part 2.

I decided to take one more day off just to make sure I’m fully recovered and rested. I really didn’t want to rush it this time — and besides, shaky legs and spirals are not exactly compatible. :P Tomorrow, however, I am planning to do some yoga and finally go skating after work. Can’t wait!

Tomorrow’s first day of school and my little sister doesn’t seem to be able to decide whether she’s excited or annoyed. I think it’s both at the same time, which is perfectly natural for her age.

To round off the summer of 2014, I bring you the second part of my pictures from our holiday in Turkey. (Part 1 is here.)

This way to the beach.

There was another, smaller pool by the hotel. I loved that place, it was so tranquil!

We never saw either there. Shame!

The hotel was really nice.

You were so good to us, summer. Thanks for the memories!