Rome, day five: Villa Borghese gardens.

Since our flight back home fom Rome was late in the afternoon, we’d decided to see some more of Rome in the morning. We were in a mood for some greenery so we decided to go to the Villa Borghese gardens.

It was a great choice. It’s a beautiful place and there’s a lot of shade. We spent there most of the morning.

On our way back, we got to admire Piazza del Poppolo from above.

Photo op!

Then we grabbed a quick lunch, picked up our bags at the hotel and took a taxi to the airport. I can’t wait to visit again!

Right after we came back, I put together a recommendations post, you can check it out here if you like. And of course you can find all my Rome related posts under this tag.

First day of autumn.


Happy first day of autumn! I don’t think I coud’ve had a nicer one, actually. This morning was a very nippy one and then there was not a cloud in the sky all day. Exactly the kind of a fresh, crisp autumn day. I’m so ready for all the pumpkins, plums, apples and pears, cinnamon, warm socks, and scented candles. Next week it’s already October and the holiday season is upon us. I couldn’t be more excited!

Rome, day four: the Colosseum & Foro Romano.

On day four, we set out to explore some of the most well-known sights of Rome: the Colosseum and Foro Romano.

Everyone obviously expects the Colosseum to be big but when you’re actually standing there, its massiveness just takes your breath away completely.

A photo op, obviously.

The Victor Emmanuel monument.

Rome probably has the loveliest restaurants ever.

We were caught in what we thought would be a shower but ended up being a torrential downpour.

In the evening, we decided to skip dinner and go for an ice cream instead – a perfectly valid choice when you’re in Rome!

And it was a great opportunity to see the Castel Sant’Angelo at night.

My weekend in 6 pictures.

I promise I still have my camera! I haven’t used it much in the past weeks but I picked it up again at the weekend so there are much better photos coming up, I promise! For now, though, there are six photos that sum up my weekend.

I kicked the weekend off at the gym. No better way to clear my head, except maybe skating.

Eda has been here for almost a month now. We take walks every day but this weekend was special. The heatwave of four (!) weeks was coming to an end and it was the last weekend of summer.

I could smell the wet leaves and chestnuts in the air.

We accidentally found a pet semetery. I had no idea we had one of those here. I of course immediatly started thinking about Pet Sematary and creeped myself out.

The leaves are starting to turn yellow and that makes me very excited.

I made the first crumble of the season! (And I accidentally matched my nail varnish to it.) It was peach, plum & cinnamon with oats and almond biscuits instead of flour. I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Are you getting excited about autumn yet?

Rome, day three: Ostia Antica.

Ostia is an archeological site of what used to be a harbour city in Ancient Rome. You can read more about Ostia Antica here — and I definitely recommend that you do, it’s a very interesting read.

We set off quite early in the morning on what we’d hoped would be the warmest and sunniest day of our stay in Rome.

First thing we saw when we got off the train was this nice place.

There were people working there, looking like they’ve just stepped out of Jurrasic Park.

The first thing I noticed was how wonderfully it smelled there. I don’t know if it was the pine trees or the grass but it was amazing.

Lovely tiles.

The theatre.

This is where we headed for lunch.

I have no idea why I only took this one photo. But I remember that everything was delicious, including this pineapple.

I can never resist poppies.

Then we hopped on the train but instead of going back, we went a bit further on.

To the sea, to the sea!

Unfortunately, it got cloudy and windy when we got there.πŸ˜›

But we still enjoyed ourselves.

If you’re ever in Rome, I definitely recommend a trip to Ostia. It’s only about an hour by train and it’s definitely worth it.

Rome, day two: Vatican and the best tiramisu in Rome.

I have to admit I don’t have so many photos from the morning of our second day in Rome. We spent most of it in the Vatican Museums so I didn’t bring the camera along.

I did, however, walk all the 551 steps up St. Peter’s Basilica.

The view was absolutely worth it.

As was the canoli that followed.

What impressed me the most was the Sistine Chapel (there’s no photography allowed in there, shame!). I really felt like I could stand there for hours and just stare. The Vatican Museums were amazing as well; the amount of people there, however, was insane. I’m pretty sure some of the people who wanted to buy their tickets on the spot are still queueing there now and there were several people inside who suffered a panic attack. There is just a massive sea of people there and you basically can’t stop because they keep pushing you to move forward all the time.

After lunch (we had pasta in this little restaurant which I loved and would absolutely recommend and a short stop at the hotel we headed out again.

The Spanish steps were calling!

To tell you the truth, this was the real reason why we went out that afternoon.

We had heard so much about their Tiramisu and we had to test it ourselves.

We’d thought about sharing but luckily we decided against it because I don’t think I’d be able to share this with anyone. It was heavenly, hands down the best Tiramisu I’ve ever had. (We went to this particular Pompi’s but there are more of them around Rome!)

All blissed out, we rushed through the streets of Rome because it was getting late and there was still something we wanted to see.

The Pantheon!

It is just stunning.

I hung around Raphael’s tomb for a while.

Then we took some pictures outside.

And we walked back, taking the scenic route.

We took a little detour via Piazza Navona, just to see how stunning it is in the evening light.

Who doesn’t love a Roman sunset.

Such beautiful light!

And that’s that for day two. On our third day we went to explore Ostia Antica. Stay tuned!

Rome, day one: Trastevere.

Even though I only spent a couple of hours walking about Trastevere, I immediately fell in love with it and I hope that I will get to explore it much more next time I’m in Rome.

It is full of amazing restaurants and since we were starving we tried this one. It’s a tiny place but they have ammazing pizza and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to choose just one pizza, you can have a slice of every single pizza they have there because it’s sold by weight.

It just so happens that Trastevere is the perfect place to walk off all the pizza.


I covet that car.

I’m obsessed with doors.

Case in point.

I love how wild the river looks.

Even though it was late afternoon, it was our first day and we were getting tired, we decided not to go back to the hotel just yet.

We hiked up the hill from where we had the stunning view of Foro Romano.

It was really hot but there was enough shade around.

We couldn’t leave there without seeing the she-wolf, of course.

Just look at that fruit. I really want a shop like this in my neighbourhood.

We also passed by this beauty. Even though I had expected it to be big, I was taken aback by how bloody enormous it was.

We had dinner in the same place where we had breakfast. I loved that place.

And that concludes our first day in Rome. (Part 1 is here.)

Rome, day one.

I had never been to Rome before my last year’s trip. I’d been to Italy once but never to Rome. And then my sister and her boyfriend gave me a plane ticket there for my 30th birthday last year. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I loved Rome and I loved that I could go with my sister and our mum. We hadn’t been on holiday together for ages so it really couldn’t have been more perfect.

I went a little snap happy there of course because Rome is just incredibly photogenic. We had a great weather throughout the whole trip – warm and sunny but not too warm to go sightseeing and it was just a terrific start of the summer. This is what we explored on day one.

The hotel we stayed in was a part of a townhouse and it was a stunning place. These were the postboxes, for example.

Look at those knobs!

All the houses in our street looked like this. Gorgeous! I want one.πŸ™‚

My sister was taking photos, too.

This is how every day started for us. The croissants were heavenly and so was the coffee.

The area we stayed in was gorgeous.

It was also incredibly convinient as we stayed only about about 5 minutes walking distance from the Castel Sant’Angelo, which was our first stop of the day.

There was a tiny market by the river.

The castle is huge and imposing. Especially with all the angels.

Michael is not exactly a friendly-looking bloke.

Neither are these guys, for that matter.πŸ˜›

Which one of us is paler?

What a view!

Rome is a frightening place for a Doctor Who fan.πŸ˜›

There’s also a beautiful little cafe there. We didn’t go in because we went there right after breakfast but it looked charming.

The view from up there is, of course, stunning.

Basilica di San Pietro.

It’s a great place for taking photos.

So I come near the Vatican and a huge thunderstorm starts brewing. Coincidence? I think not.πŸ˜€

For some reason, they’ve also got a statue of Voldemort there. :O I mean, look at him!

I love my sister’s skirt.

I have a thing for doors.

This was our favourite gelateria. One night we went there instead of dinner. True story.

Best gelato ever. I still dream about it sometimes.

I loved these narrow streets!

This sign was on the door of a bookshop near Piazza Navona.πŸ™‚

Just look at those houses!

This is Piazza Navona.

Those fountains are just amazing.

Largo di Torre Argentina: an old square with the ruins of four temples and and a Pompey’s theatre.

Next time I’m in Italy, the canoli is the only thing I’m going to have for dessert. And I’m going to have it every day. As should you.

From there we continued to Trastevere, which I will cover in my next post.

Turkey 2016.

I had such a wonderful summer, experience and weather wise, yet I’m still not ready to give it up completely. It is most unusual, since ordinarily I would be getting excited about autumn by now. But this year, I’d just like the summer feeling to linger on a bit longer. So in order to do that, I’m sharing with you today some snaps from my August holiday in Turkey. It’s now become a yearly tradition to go on this sort of a holiday – the very much relaxing, non-exploring kind. Not my usual style but once a year it really does hit the spot. I came back with a calm mind, clear head, a healthy body full of energy, sun-kissed skin and that feeling you can only get by spending time by the sea.

Minutes after arriving at the hotel.

Relaxing with some lime juice until our room is ready.


This is where I started (almost) every morning.

I explored the grounds a little bit before my first Pilates class. They were twice a week and I loved them.






Such a lovely view from our room window.

Sparkling water with lemon and mint is my go-to summer drink.

My sister had the cutest bikini around.






There was so much more but I’m afraid I usually ate it before I could snap a proper photo. I LOVED eating there, though. It was the kind of a hotel where you could eat 100% healthy if you wanted to or go in and indulge 24/7. I usually managed to maintain a healthy balance.πŸ™‚ It wasn’t very difficult because they had a lot of excellent fish, enough eggs and some fantastic fruits and veggies. I mean, I’ve never eaten better peaches or honeydew melons than those in Turkey.





I spent most of my afternoons lying on a beach, reading and napping. It was fantastic because that way I got enough sleep and I could party and get up early enough to go to the gym. Win/win!




Our yearly photo-op.




Party, party, party!









When I stepped out, the lights in the pool were still on.

And everything was very pink and purple.







This was the moment the sun first hit the sea.




A new dawn breaking over the Activity pool.

It was very different from last year’s as then there were some clouds. This year, the sky was completely clear and a blinding blue.



How was your summer? And are you ready for autumn?

13 Days in the UK.

Hello hello, radio silence over! If you’re following me on Instagram, you are probably aware that I had a blast on my holidays. I’ve been back for a little over 2 weeks now and I still think about my trip every day because it was bloody perfect. I saw some old places that I love and many new ones I quickly fell in love with. I went to a new country (Wales!) and finally had a meal at Ottolenghi’s (heavenly).
I know that I won’t be able to sort out my camera photos for a while as I’ll be away for another 2 weeks starting next Friday so I thought I’d at least post a little overview of those magical 13 days in the UK. I should note that this is a very brief post and only a taste of all my adventures. There’s much more up on my Instagram and I’ll definitely get to the much more detailed posts after I’ve sorted out all my camera photos.

Firstly, London.

I took what I think is the best photo ever on our first evening there.πŸ˜€

I took my sisters to see all the places she fell in love with last year.




And shower her some new ones.


It was very early in the morning when she and our dad left for the airport so I used the opportunity and walked to the Millennium Bridge to watch the sunrise there. It was a beautiful summer morning and I was the only person on the bridge at that hour. For that one fleeting moment, London was all mine.

A morning I’ll never forget.

Then my mum turned up and we got on a bus and went to Bristol.
It’s safe to say I’ve never seen (or smelled) more beautiful roses than those in England. Neither has my mum. Exhibit A. ^



Visiting Brunel’s ss Great Britain is a must when you’re in Bristol. Also it is an absolute blast!

We went to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant for lunch. This pate bruschetta was particularly good.

Also it turns out that my dream garden/doorway is in Clifton Village.

And that the Bristol Suspension Bridge is indeed breath-taking.

And that The Bristolian has got some amazing food on their menu. I had a Quesadilla with chorizo, salsa & guacamole and mum had Goats Cheese Bruschetta. Both meals were incredible!

We also went to Bath. It is stunning and I very much hope to visit it again.

The Roman Baths & the Bristol Cathedral.



We also visited the Jane Austen museum and had afternoon tea in their tea room. What a treat!


And then we took another trip to Cardiff. It was a very Doctor Who/Torchwood-themed day.

Roald Dahl’s Plass.


It probably won’t surprise you to see where we had lunch. The burger was mediocre but the diner is a must for every Doctor Who fan.




Cardiff Bay is gorgeous.

We did the Doctor Who experience, too, of course. We hadn’t booked tickets in advance but we got in! It was so great and I kind of want to go again.πŸ˜€ I mean… having a real Dalek approaching you and going through a forest full of the Weeping Angels is what dreams (well, nightmares) are made of.

I loved this place.

And then we returned to London for a day and a half.


We strolled through Little Venice.

I do love seeing my mum so happy. β™₯






On our last evening there had a late lunch at Ottolenghi’s. It was incredible and worth every penny.

I hope we’ll go again in December.