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Turkey 2018: our last day.

As far as last days go, this one was pretty special. We didn't have to leave until 6 PM so we had all day to enjoy swimming in the sea, eating all the food and taking long walks. Even though we most liekly won't be returning to the same place again, it was gorgeous there,… Continue reading Turkey 2018: our last day.

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Turkey 2018: the sunset edition.

Like lot of people who grew up without any access to the sea, I have always been utterly fascinated by it. I was 11 when I first saw the sea, and it was a love at first sight. To this day, I can't resist it. On my latest holidays, I made a point in taking… Continue reading Turkey 2018: the sunset edition.

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Turkey 2018.

I'm so ready for autumn but it seems that I may have to wait a couple more days as the temperature is going to be in the high 20s all week. On Saturday, hopefully, autumn will finally come. I'm so ready. Bring on the rain, misty mornings and crisp air. But before that all happens,… Continue reading Turkey 2018.

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First September weekend.

How was your first weekend of September? Can you smell the season shift in the air yet? I definitely can and I'm so excited! This summer was gorgeous, but way too dry. I am hoping for a very, very wet autumn and a very snowy winter to make up for it. On Saturday, we woke… Continue reading First September weekend.

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Summer in Spot.

I go to Nature Spot a couple of times a week because I love their coffee and cakes and they have the nicest staff. I go there with Eda, I go there with my friends, I go there to work, even to teach sometimes. I always feel so relaxed there and I love escaping my… Continue reading Summer in Spot.

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Rosé wine festival.

This was the second June weekend and it was one of the best ones so far this year. Paya came to stay for the weekend and on Saturday, we went to the annual Rosé wine festival. First I took her to the Basilica herb garden because she hadn't been there before and it's definitely worth… Continue reading Rosé wine festival.

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Spring 2018.

Summer is well underway now but spring was something different this year, at least from the point of view of someone who really likes to watch the world around change with seasons. Spring came super early this year, everything bloomed and turned green about 3 weeks earlier than usual. I had been sick of the… Continue reading Spring 2018.

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Bratislava 2017, part 5.

My last post from my 2017 trip to Bratislava will take you all over the city: on our last day there, we went to see the Blue Church again and then we roamed the streets, quite aimlessly, enjoying the vibe of the place. Hopefully some of it gets through to you via the photos.… Continue reading Bratislava 2017, part 5.

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Bratislava 2017, part 4.

This post is about some more places in Bratislava which I would absolutely recommend seeing. First off, there's the riverbank. I always love riverbanks, especially when there are trees. Perfect if you fancy a wee constitutional. Next up there is Fresh Market, where you can get all the seasonal Slovak produce,… Continue reading Bratislava 2017, part 4.

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Bratislava 2017, part 3.

I think it's time we talked about the UFO tower. Yeah, you heard right. Bratislava has got its own UFO. I have to admit I felt a strong urge to re-watch Roswell every single time I laid my eyes on it, which was quite often because you really can see it from nearly everywhere in… Continue reading Bratislava 2017, part 3.