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April highlights.

This is how April started. By the end of it, winter was all gone and spring was underway. My favourite Saturday now goes like this: get up at 6, go to Brno, go to my skating course, meet up with Paja. What could be better than that, really?… Continue reading April highlights.

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March highlights.

It is only the middle of April but I can already say that this has been the most exciting month of the year so far. I'm already looking forward to putting together the April post for the blog. But let's look back at March first. - there were still no signs of spring whatsoever; we… Continue reading March highlights.

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February highlights.

This year, most of February was spent on watching the Olympics. Over 2 weeks of daily figure skating is a dream come true. Other than that, there was the usual mix of terrible February weather (snowstorms and frosts, up to -20°C), drinking lots of coffee in my favourite coffee shop and, perhaps most importantly, starting… Continue reading February highlights.

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January highlights, part 2.

Part two of this post because it was getting way too long. There's more Eda, some more snow, January flowers - and have I mentioned there's more photos of Eda? I had very little ice time in January so I was very happy every time I could skate. I had a couple of cosy and… Continue reading January highlights, part 2.

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January highlights, part 1.

January was full of walks with Eda in the freshly fallen snow, cosy lunches in my favourite café and saying goodbye to Christmas. It's usually a tough month because I always get to sad that it's not Christmas anymore, but having Eda around helped a lot. I also got distracted by the European Figure Skating… Continue reading January highlights, part 1.

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New Year’s Eve 2017.

I have to say there's very little New Year's Eve-like festivities in this post. None of us is very keen on New Year's Eve so for several years now we have stayed in (and haven't regretted it once). This year we had a Harry Potter marathon going on so it was all very lovely and… Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2017.

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Christmas 2017.

My family have always been big on Christmas. One of our longest-standing traditions is having our Christmas tree up for as long as possible. Same with Christmas carols, really; I only ever stop listening to them when they start making me feel sad instead of jolly and excited. It seems wasteful to me to get… Continue reading Christmas 2017.

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Third Advent Sunday.

I have been counting down to Christmas for such a long time and it's still coming a little too quickly for me. I wish I could hit pause right now. But I can't and that's the way it's supposed to be, so it's all right I guess. 🙂 I spent my third Advent Sunday preparing… Continue reading Third Advent Sunday.

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Walking in Greenwich.

I am spending my second Advent Sunday in London so if you'd like some current photos, please head over to my Instagram. Luckily, I still have photos from my last December's trip to post here so here's the first part. First things first: breakfast right across the street from the Tower Ice Rink. Nothing I'd… Continue reading Walking in Greenwich.

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Yves Rocher.

V létě jsem Yves Rocher na otestování jejich nový Koncentrovaný sprchový gel. Poctivě jsem testovala tuhle malou zajímavost, abych se mohla podělit o svůj názor. Podstatou těchto 100ml balení je, že vydrží stejně, jako velké, 400ml balení, a tudíž je o to úspornější a ekologičtější. Takže ve zkratce: - bála jsem se, aby… Continue reading Yves Rocher.