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Christmas in London | 2016 leftovers.

Last year's Christmassy London posts (from 2016) did not really happen the way I wanted, mostly because I really wasn't satisfied with so many of the photos. The good thing is that I'd resolved to try and take better photos next time around (which was last December), and I did - or at least I… Continue reading Christmas in London | 2016 leftovers.

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Christmas 2018. | First advent weekend.

I don't think there's a more beautiful sight to wake up to on the first advent weekend. I made it to Brno just before 9 am for my skating classes. I only had a half an hour so I quickly nipped to the square to take a look… Continue reading Christmas 2018. | First advent weekend.

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November highlights, part 2.

The second half of November was pretty festive. Let's take a look! The first snowfall of the year brought enough snow for me to play around with Christmas cups and fairy lights. I played the piano for the first time in a long time and it felt amazing. I also tried some of… Continue reading November highlights, part 2.

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The first week of December 2017.

About a year ago, I put together this post and thought I'd hit the publish button. Only to realise, months later, that I hadn't. So I let it rest in my drafts and waited until it was appropriate to post. So let's take a look at what the first week of December was like one… Continue reading The first week of December 2017.

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November highlights, part 1.

The first half of November was finally cold and we even had first snow! The Christmas decorations also finally started popping up and I've been feeling very jolly indeed. I hope that the first snow of the year never… Continue reading November highlights, part 1.

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Getting into the Christmas spirit… in IKEA.

A couple of weeks ago I had breakfast in IKEA with Paya and I was delighted to see that IKEA was one of the first shops to have Christmas decorations up. I'd been starved for anything Christmassy by that point that I just kept snapping pictures. I felt so inspired I wanted to start decorating… Continue reading Getting into the Christmas spirit… in IKEA.

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Bratislava 2018, days 7 & 8.

There was a huge storm at night and it rained for hours. I was a very happy camper. Day 7 was our last full day in Bratislava, and it was another hot one - and a humid one, too, after all the rain the previous night. We decided to walk around a bit at first… Continue reading Bratislava 2018, days 7 & 8.

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Bratislava 2018, day 6.

Day 6 is going to be a quick one to post about because it was just way too hot to do anything. So we grabbed our books and headed to Magio Beach. We tried to take a detour and walk along the banks of Danube for a bit, which was completely worth it for the… Continue reading Bratislava 2018, day 6.

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Bratislava 2018, day 5.

On Day 5 we went to the Botanical gardens in Bratislava. If you're ever in Bratislava in the summer, it's an absolute must. It's an incredible place with gorgeous plants and ponds - and it's a very short tram ride from the city centre. I was in love the second I saw these fluffy… Continue reading Bratislava 2018, day 5.

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Bratislava 2018, day 4.

Day 4 is a little difficult to write about. I like Zoos. Not because I like seeing animals in captivity, but because I believe that many of them are fighting the good fight these days. You can usually tell that they care about the animals, that they're trying to help prevent extinction of certain species… Continue reading Bratislava 2018, day 4.