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Bratislava 2018, day 4.

Day 4 is a little difficult to write about. I like Zoos. Not because I like seeing animals in captivity, but because I believe that many of them are fighting the good fight these days. You can usually tell that they care about the animals, that they're trying to help prevent extinction of certain species… Continue reading Bratislava 2018, day 4.

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Bratislava 2018, day 3.

We had been to the Bratislava castle before but never actually explored its grounds or the area underneath the castle, so we made it our plan on day 3 to do just that. We were too early for this Jewish museum so we're saving this for our next time in Bratislava. We definitely want to… Continue reading Bratislava 2018, day 3.

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Bratislava 2018, day 2.

The morning of our second day in Bratislava was the last cold one of our holiday. I even had to throw on a denim jacket, but I took it off during the day and didn't put it back on for months. We found a restaurant with a… Continue reading Bratislava 2018, day 2.

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Bratislava 2018, day 1.

I'll be completely honest here. I've started to put together my Christmas posts and it's really all I want to post about. BUT: I still have several posts from my trip to Austria, England and Switzerland from the past two (!) years and I don't want any more posts piling up in my drafts than… Continue reading Bratislava 2018, day 1.

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October highlights, part 2.

Part 1 is here. The scales finally tipped and it started looking like proper autumn in the second half of October. This was possibly the last morning I saw the sunrise at the railway station when leaving for my figure skating course. The leaves finally started to turn yellow. I was so happy… Continue reading October highlights, part 2.

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The big balcony makeover of 2018.

One of the things I'm very proud of accomplishing this year is the makeover of our balcony. Now it's about to be tidied up for the winter but we spent so much time there in the past 5 months. It's the next best thing to a garden which we can't have here. We started with… Continue reading The big balcony makeover of 2018.

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September leftovers.

The clocks have gone back one hour last weekend and there are very few leaves left on the trees now, despite it not being November yet. I dug up a couple more photos from the beginning of September, which now look like they were taken in a completely different world. We still had some of… Continue reading September leftovers.

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The Doctor Who Experience.

I'm so grateful to have made it to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff before they closed it down in 2017. As a huge Doctor Who fan, it was an incredible experience, one I'll never forget. We made the trip to Cardiff from Bristol, where we were on holiday at that time. I hadn't booked… Continue reading The Doctor Who Experience.

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A foggy day in October.

We haven't had many foggy days this autumn so far so capturing one was quite a challenge. But in the end all it took was an early morning stroll along the river. Wishful thinking.

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October highlights, part 1.

We're now more than halfway through October and it seems that the weather is finally going to turn decisively more autumnal. So far we've had plenty of sunny days, and only a handful of misty mornings. There are pumpkins all over the farmers markets but there are only a couple of stalls left now.… Continue reading October highlights, part 1.