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Bratislava 2017, part 4.

This post is about some more places in Bratislava which I would absolutely recommend seeing. First off, there's the riverbank. I always love riverbanks, especially when there are trees. Perfect if you fancy a wee constitutional. Next up there is Fresh Market, where you can get all the seasonal Slovak produce,… Continue reading Bratislava 2017, part 4.

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Bratislava 2017, part 3.

I think it's time we talked about the UFO tower. Yeah, you heard right. Bratislava has got its own UFO. I have to admit I felt a strong urge to re-watch Roswell every single time I laid my eyes on it, which was quite often because you really can see it from nearly everywhere in… Continue reading Bratislava 2017, part 3.

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Bratislava 2017, part 2.

As you may have noticed in the previous Bratislava post, this city is full of absolutely stunning houses. Our hotel was in a district that was just breathtaking. This was a tiny greengrocer's! I can't resist a dog. I'm sure you understand. The Chatam Sofer… Continue reading Bratislava 2017, part 2.

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Bratislava 2017, part 1.

If you're following me on Instagram, you will probably have noticed that I'm currently in Bratislava. When I was there on holidays last year, I was utterly charmed. The city was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the people were incredibly nice and helpful and the food was just excellent. It's hardly a surprise then that… Continue reading Bratislava 2017, part 1.

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Two Saturdays in Brno.

The last two Saturdays of May were among the most special ones this year so far. On the 19th, I met up with Paya in SKØG Urban Hub and we spent an amazing afternoon there. We had saffron gin & tonic for the first time ever and we were really impressed.… Continue reading Two Saturdays in Brno.

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May highlights.

May was a fantastic month. So much, in fact, that I had to split it into several posts. Because of this, I was left mostly with photos of Eda and food. In other words, a perfect post. When it came to food, May was a splendid month. The fresh produce started to come in and… Continue reading May highlights.

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April highlights.

This is how April started. By the end of it, winter was all gone and spring was underway. My favourite Saturday now goes like this: get up at 6, go to Brno, go to my skating course, meet up with Paja. What could be better than that, really?… Continue reading April highlights.

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March highlights.

It is only the middle of April but I can already say that this has been the most exciting month of the year so far. I'm already looking forward to putting together the April post for the blog. But let's look back at March first. - there were still no signs of spring whatsoever; we… Continue reading March highlights.

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February highlights.

This year, most of February was spent on watching the Olympics. Over 2 weeks of daily figure skating is a dream come true. Other than that, there was the usual mix of terrible February weather (snowstorms and frosts, up to -20°C), drinking lots of coffee in my favourite coffee shop and, perhaps most importantly, starting… Continue reading February highlights.

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January highlights, part 2.

Part two of this post because it was getting way too long. There's more Eda, some more snow, January flowers - and have I mentioned there's more photos of Eda? I had very little ice time in January so I was very happy every time I could skate. I had a couple of cosy and… Continue reading January highlights, part 2.